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Essays from my MA in Applied Drama (Goldsmiths College)

Download A Critical refelction on the paper “a question of culture” by Peter Sellars.

Download How a UK schools drama project’s aims were affected when delivered to schools in West Africa 

Download “Art is not merely contemplation, it is also action, and all action changes the world, at least a little”
Tony Kushner. Discuss in relation to Applied Drama practice in Sites of Conflict.

Download In what ways do the radical playwrights differ from the older generation/more traditional dramatists? Use Four (2 each) plays to illustrate your answer. 

Download Examining ethical tensions brought up in the making of a DVD about child rights in the Philippines.

Download  An account of how applied drama can be a benefit to Christian Mission. (Final Dissertation)

The London International Festival of Theatre Living Archive Trail

Foreign theatre in a foreign land. Research I carried out on the LIFT living archive where I assesed the impact of two international plays on London audiences