Bricks in The Wall

In September 2010 Scene Change Theatre Company started  working with the education department of Guildford Cathedral to create a play for local schools to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cathedral. The project was called Bricks in the Wall  after an ingenious post war campaign to get local people to fund the project by buying a brick. We worked with 400 primary school children over 3 days from 25th -27th. The play looked at how and why the cathedral came to be built and the influence and involvement of the local community in this.  The children showed snapshots of history that the Cathedral had lived  through,  from children acting out workers on a building site that became the Cathedral to the The Jarrow Crusade and through  the 2nd World War years. The finale scene was perhaps the highlight as the children performed  a dance showing the last 5 decades with Beetle mania, Disco, Kraft Work Techno and Robbie Williams ushering in the new millenium.

To view some images from the 3 day performances click on this Photos and Media link. The Cathedral also ran a blog  called Guildford Cathedral is 50 highlighting the stages of the projects development.

The project also drew on the wider community  and there were many volunteers getting involved on each of the project days, serving drinks and helping to assist in workshops. A number of our costumes came from various sources which have included schools making some of the props. The project  was  a collaboration between Scene Change Theatre, Guildford Cathedral Schools Team and the local community from start to finish