A Play in a Pack

This is a resource to equip teachers and youth/Children’s leaders to be able to run their own play in a day in their school using the themes and material of Scene Change Theatre Company’s repertoire. Take a look at a sample of The King’s Quest’s  Play in a Pack by clicking on KQ resource (sample). The whole “Play in a Pack”  resoucre can be purchased for just £30.00. Simply contact us to arrange payment and we will email the whole pack to you as a Pdf.

Scene Change Theatre Company can also come to your school, church or youth centre  to run a day’s training to deliver the package for a group of 15 or more.  This will just cost  £40  per participant for the days workshop plus a  Play in a Pack resoure to take away. At present this package is only available for the King’s Quest play. For more information on this offer simply contact us.