Costing & Booking Information

Notes for  bookings

Guide prices:


Children Team members Cost Deposit required
1 class 1 £300 £100
2 classes 2 £450 £150
3 classes 3 £660 £200
4 classes 3-4 £880 £250

Numbers and costs may be negotiated on an individual basis bearing in mind actual costs of transport and additional team members.


Deposits confirm bookings.  A booking may be reserved for 7 days (or an agreed time) without a deposit, but will become available to others if a deposit is not received in that time.

Deposits are non-refundable in principle – but some goodwill measure may be issued if we manage to re-book a day, or transport costs haven’t been paid for yet.


In the result of a cancellation – the deposit is not returned, and will go towards covering cost incurred through booking transport and also loss of earnings.  Bookings may be changed up to two weeks before the event, i.e. number of children, and number of team members needed.  If changes are made with less than two weeks until the event, full costs may still be charged.


Cheques are to be made payable to SCENE CHANGE THEATRE COMPANY.  Deposits should be made at point of booking, and the outstanding balance is payable on the day or within 14 days.

All cheques to be sent to:


43 Saxby Road

Brixton Hill

London SW2 4JR

Receipts will be issued with every payment.  (Email receipts preferred)