Down to Earth

Down to Earth unlocks a number of educational techniques over the course of the day.  Children will learn about some environmental issues surrounding climate change through drama workshops and be faced with challenges that confront their own choices for life.  There will also be time to reflect and opportunity to shape the final performance with their own ideas and suggestions.  We frame the day in a story of two gangs to illustrate the opposing attitudes towards planet care.

The two gangs come face to face on the world stage.  One gang values people over products and has a high level of responsibility towards the world’s resources, while the other gang values convenience and is ignorant to the changes necessary in the way they live to secure a long future on the earth.

Between the two gangs, an Arbitrator steps into the action of the play to take the children on a journey to see the present-day heartlands of industrial China.  Here, they learn a difficult lesson in who is responsible for the growing levels of China’s pollution.  Next, the Arbitrator takes the children into the future to a mysterious museum of extinct and endangered animals, where they see the effect that climate change will have on both animals and plant life.  Finally, the consequences of apathy become startlingly clear when the children are faced with the uncertainty of their own future. Will these experiences convert the minds and actions of the ignorant and cause the gangs to unite and work together?  Only the children will decide.

Scene Change Theatre Company’s skilled workshop leaders will take the children on this important journey that will enlighten them in key environmental issues (including climate change, pollution and threat to biodiversity) and encourage them to take positive action for the future of our world by recycling waste, reducing consumption and emissions and reusing resources.

The day will include acting skills, focus exercises, discussion forums, and interactive workshops, culminating in a performance with movement, costume and song.  It has been especially designed for use by children in years 4-6, but can be modified for use with other ages groups.

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