The Torch

2012 brought the Olympic Games back to London since 1948 and Scene Change Theatre Company marked it with a  project called “The Torch.” The rehearsal process uses a number of educational techniques over the course of the day.  Children  learn about the history of how the Olympic Games began in Greece and through drama workshops explore its journey from its birth to its demise and eventual resurgence in the 19th century, through to today and the legacy it leaves with us. There is also be time to reflect and opportunity to shape the final performance with the children’s own ideas and suggestions.

Our story starts on the eve of the opening ceremony to the 2012 games. But the gods are angry.
Outraged at the corruption of the Olympics and grieving the loss of its original purpose, the gods have lost patience and have sent Prometheus, humanities mediator with the gods, to steel back the flame.
Gathered in the great court, the Olympian gods meet to judge humankind and remove the flame for ever. As the fate of the Olympics hangs in the balance, Prometheus comes to the rescue and looking back through Olympic history from ancient to modern and through to today he sets out to answer the accusations.
Can Prometheus convince the gods that the human spirit is still present in the games and return the flame before it is too late? Join Scene Change Theatre in 2012 to find out!

Scene Change Theatre Company’s skilled workshop leaders will take the children on an important journey that will highlight the importance of understanding the Olympic history and the impact and legacy it leaves with us today. As a group response we will explore what positive action we can take for the future of our world by learning from the inspirational stories of the past.

The day will include acting skills, focus exercises, discussion forums, and interactive workshops, culminating in a performance with movement, costume and song.  It has been especially designed for use by children in years 4-6, but can be modified for use with other age groups. To read about up to date reports of our tour go to  our Latest News section. If you have any questions about the day or about placing a booking, then download a Costings and school booking form or alternatively  email  or  phone on 07862728056.