The Emperors New Clothes

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a tale of pride, mischief and fine clothes…

Some Emperors like nothing better than to wage war on three nearby kingdoms before breakfast. Some love to build beautiful castles and palaces each one bigger and better  than the last.

But the Emperor in our story has a more unusual passion…he loves  clothes.

Scene Change Theatre bring to life in a thought provoking and fun way one of Hans Christian Anderson’s well loved fairy tale with their warm hearted blend of energetic and interactive physical story- telling.

Suitable for ages 4+

Running time: approx. 45 Minutes

What people have said about the Emperor’s New Clothes: 

“I loved watching Scene Change Theatre perform the Emperor’s New Clothes at a local fun day. They got everyone’s attention right from the start with loads of jokes for kids and adults alike. Best of all, they used a lot of audience participation, and all the children loved shouting out to the actors. The show was really funny and original, and I’d definitely recommend going to see them.”
Rebecca Cant - Organiser Gaunts Ham Park Family Festival 2013

“I liked it because it was silly. It was astonishing because only two people did it.”
Scarlet- Aged 8

“It made me smile throughout, great acting, superb comedy, I loved the telling of the story, audience participation and the Kids are still re-enacting the loom machinery- family fun for everyone”
Nick- Audience Feedback

“Really funny, you should watch it, it was like a pantomime!”
Niamh – Aged 6


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