Last DREAM day of 2013, Jubilee Primary Sch, Thamesmead.

DREAM-FLYER(GEN)Last week Scene Change Theatre took our last DREAM Project to Jubilee Primary School in Thamesmead. James Manning and myself worked with two year 6 classes to learn out Martin Luther King’s iconic “I have a dream”  speech, the civil rights movement and other dreamers who have changed the world. It was a great day working together and seeing how the children visibly gained confidence and stage presence as the day went on. It didn’t go unnoticed by the Year 6 Teacher who assisted us throughout the day:

“All the children joined in and were keen to take part. They all loved the acting and it really built on their self esteem. Our Children benefitted a lot from the day.”

This was our last DREAM day of 2013. We will be taking DREAM to Guildford Cathedral in January 2014 before we launch our new project “Over by Christmas” to commemorate the out break of WW1.