“Over By Christmas” WW1 Play. Written and ready for 2014

Overbychristmas(Gloucester)Scene Change Arts have started booking “Over by Christmas” our KS2  play for 2014 commemorating the
out break of WW1. James Manning and Myself had an afternoon last week at The Royal Festival Hall
putting together how we want the workshops to look and how they will fit into
the day. We were both very pleased with the end result. The play will cover some
of the major events of WW1 such as  conscription, the battlefield and trenches
and of course the memorable day when war stopped for Christmas. The events are
carried by a simple story line of a soldier who is killed on the battlefield.
Finding himself dead he cannot accept it “How did it come to this?”  A voice
calms him and helps him retrace his journey until he is able to finally accept
his end. We are also excited to be using actual, poetry, letters and images from
the front line which we hope will bring the whole experience home for the
children. Our first booking is at Worcester Cathedral on 30th and 31st January.
If you know a primary school who might be interested then they can contact me on