Testimonial for “Over By Christmas” by Sarah Law, Education Officer at Gloucester Cathedral

Overbychristmas(Gloucester)Once again ‘Scene Change Theatre’ have transported us to another era, this time back to World War 1. Their ‘Over by Christmas’ experience, the latest in a ‘Play in a day’ series was a huge success. Gloucester Cathedral Chapter House was the venue for this lively and creative production and the 85 year 3-6 pupils who participated were provided with much food for thought. Every child was involved from the outset considering different aspects of the war from life in the trenches to the situation on the home front. Pupils were encouraged to consider the events of the ‘War to end all wars’ through mime, song, discussion and literature.

The staff who brought the children to participate in this amazing event were thrilled with the way the pupils reacted to the issues raised and the way in which they cooperated with each other. The Head Teacher commented that she had seen a different side to many of the children through observing them working in this setting. Learning through doing makes a lasting impression on young people.  Encouraging children to understand historical events through the eyes of the individuals who were directly involved promotes empathy and a deep understanding.

It was a pleasure working with Scene Change again. The team members are enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about what they do. The end result was a performance that the children will remember for many years to come.

Sarah Law Education Officer, Gloucester Cathedral