Scene Change Theatre Company (SCTC) is committed to creating drama for and with children, making education a fun and dynamic experience and one they will never forget.

SCTC was founded in October 2009.  Up to that point its two founders, David Pollendine and Mike North, had been engaged in creating and producing children’s drama projects supporting CMS advocacy projects since 2003 and using drama to inspire young people to make a difference and connect to the world around them. David partnered with Big Intent Theatre on the “Break the Silence Campaign” in 2005, raising awareness about Child Soldiers in North Uganda and on the “Setting Captives Free Campaign” in 2006 looking at the plight of trafficked girls in India. In 2007 David and Mike produced Free for All with Big Intent Theatre Co, commemorating the abolition of the slave trade bill, which toured over 35 Cathedrals working with thousands of children throughout the year.

This started the “Play in a Day” format where a team of Actor/Workshop leaders rehearse with children and then perform together putting on a play to an audience at the end of the day. SCTC have built up a dedicated and loyal team of freelance workshop leaders who bring many skills to the table to deliver these days.  You can find out more about them on the meet the team page.  The day itself includes acting skills, focus exercises, discussion forums, and interactive workshops, culminating in a performance with movement, costume and song. Mike and Dave’s strong concern for social justice continued with “World To Right’s” (2009) looking at child rights and “Down to Earth” (2010) encouraging young people to be the activists in fighting pollution and global warming. In 2011 David  wrote “The King’s Quest” to commemorate 400 years of the KJV exploring its impact on British culture. It encourages children to look back at the impact of the bible being translated into English , so they can be inspired to take its legacy of transformation into the future.  In 2012 Scene Change Theatre became a CIC Company and was renamed Scene Change Arts. This brought together new artistic input with two new Directors James Manning and Nick Holt. In 2012 we saw the Olympics come to Britain and David and James Manning developed a play called The Torch which throughout the year. In 2013 David and James wrote a play to commemorate Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, called DREAM. And in 2014 a play is called “Over by Christmas” to commemorate the outbreak of WW1. For 2015 Scene Change Theatre have produced “Magna Carta” to commemorate the 800th anniversary of this “Great Charter”

In addition to our “Play in a Day Projects” we are exploring providing interactive lessons to schools called Change Your Scene, to explore some of the themes we have looked at in the past and perhaps some others we still need to look at. Finally look out for our new resource Play in a Pack that will be ideal for Teachers/Youth & Community leaders who want to perform a SCTC Play for themselves in their school or community setting.