Alongside its education-focused work, Scene change Theatre has always offered family based performances at festivals.

The Emperors New Clothes - Scene Change Arts
The Emperors New Clothes

a tale of pride, mischief and fine clothes. Suitable for ages 4+ Running time approx. 45...

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The Torch

The Gods are angry. Appalled that the spirit of the Olympics has been lost they send Prometheus to steal back the flame from the opening ceremony. Gathered at Mount Olympus they hold court to decide the fate of humanity. Suitable for ages 6+. Running time 40...

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King's Quest logo
The King’s Quest

Amongst the dusty books of the library, four pupils discover one book is cannot be judged by its cover. Journeying back in time with the mysterious keeper of the book, they discover the story of the King James Bible.       “A really timely and interesting way to tell the story of the King James Bible” ...

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World to Rights

Scene Change Theatre explores the UN declaration of Children’s rights in the interactive and educational show – journeying from the modern day to Victorian England via the death defying high wire of the Circus. Suitable for ages 6+ Approximate running time – 30...

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