Play in a Lesson

We can offer a full day’s programme across the whole of your school  exploring a theme in the curriculum creatively with your class groups through storytelling, drama, physical theatre, music and movement. The day can culminate in a group sharing at the end of the day. A skilled professional artist will explore with the children either a pre-packaged theme (see below) that links to National Curriculum with up to 35 children for 1 hour (negotiable). Or a theme can be tailor made to link with a topic the school want to look at. The longer the sessions, the more opportunities your pupils will have for activity and discussion. However, this would  mean providing fewer class sessions across the day. The minimum length a session can work is 45 minutes and the maximum is 1hr 30 minutes.

Aims of the day

The aim of the days are : (1) To encourage and develop the pupils self-confidence. (2) To provide an immersive and experiential experience of the subject Matter connected to the national curriculum that aid’s learning. (3) To encourage the pupils to explore a theme from a creative perspective and apply their learning beyond the session

Creative arts techniques we use include: Warm up games, Voice and breathing technique, Mime & movement, Improvisation, games and exercises, Story Telling techniques, Music and Dance Working with different texts Character building techniques, Devising (solo and group), Performance (Solo and ensemble), Develop critical awareness.

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